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Last year, we moved in together and combined two households of hand-me downs and Ikea furniture into one home of said items. After the wedding, we are looking forward to starting our collection of grownup dinnerwares and non-doggie-ripped sofas. We have started a wish list and, quite conveniently, both Bed Bath & Beyond and Target had software to easily track it for us:

On the doggie-ripped sofa note, one investment that we will definitely be making after the wedding is a new sectional sofa, equipped with motion sensor pillows programmed to yell at dogs that jump on the sofa while the humans are out. Ok, maybe consider that last part an optional feature. And the second piece of furniture is a kitchen table that doesn’t fill our whole kitchen. We will be posting pictures of our selections soon! If you approve of our choices and would like to help us along with them instead of the registry items:

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